February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Why do guys love girl-on-girl action?

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

When it comes to porn, there’s one thing many straight guys go nuts for: lesbians. The Gazette asked some Western experts why the same can’t be said of female appetite for gay male porn.

“People have been discussing this for some time and I don’t have any convincing ideas,” said psychology professor Bill Fisher, who refused to speculate on the question, but conceded that many have observed this sexed double-standard of homosexuality.

The commercialization of lesbian sexuality has become rampant of late: the Britney-Madonna-Xtina threesome performance at the MTV Video Awards, Steve Stiffler’s “lesbians” in American Pie 2 and the infamous Labatt Blue Light Super Bowl commercial of two weeks ago are but a few examples.

Referring to the Labatt commercial, Brescia University College social psychologist Leslie Janes questioned the appearance of homosexuality that is selling so well.

“[The] observation that female homosexual behaviour is more commercially exploitable than male homosexual behaviour is right on the money,” she said. “After the Super Bowl, [a friend and I] noted that a similar ad with men would never, never be aired.

“A second point related to this ad is that few people who watched the ad of the women kissing actually believed that they were lesbians. On the contrary, it appeared that they were engaging in the liplock to titillate the men around them,” she added.

King’s College psychology professor Chris Roney attributed women’s lack of interest in gay male porn to a larger phenomenon, citing research on homophobia which indicates that in both men and women, a more negative attitude exists toward homosexual males than females.

“Men, on average, are more likely to seek out sexual materials; women just aren’t all that intrigued by man-on-woman erotica,” he added, noting this would lead, logically, to a reduced demand by women for man-on-man pornography.



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