February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Romance is never dead

By Matt Prince
Gazette Staff

With Valentine’s Day upon us once again, I feel the pressure to be somewhat romantic come Feb. 14.

But what is romance? How does a guy successfully pull off being considered romantic?

While some people are only taken by luxurious gifts and extravagant surprises, others may enjoy the small and simple things. I’ll admit, there have been many times when I’ve just tried too hard.

I can recall trying to romantically carry my girlfriend up the stairs, but instead smacking her head against the wall, almost sending both of us tumbling. Or the time I set my bedroom up with one too many candles only to have the smoke alarm screaming just as my charm was paying off.

It becomes a part of a guy’s manhood to be romantic, just like being able to fix stuff and never asking for directions.

Naturally there are always roses, chocolates and a card, but be on guard: if you try to pull this off at the last minute by going to the corner store before you pick up your date, it could come back to haunt you. I tried this simple plan one year and I still get hassled for it.

First of all, learn the crazy rose color code in flower shops because knowing not to give your girlfriend a rose that means you’re just good friends, is key.

And if the store is all out of Valentine’s Day cards don’t try to colour a heart over the “Happy Birthday” text of the card because you’ll also need a good story as to why there are pictures of presents and cakes.

My girlfriend tells me that true romance simply comes from the heart. “Be original, be creative” she says, but unfortunately for me it usually involves something way off track. I mean, to me, a Saturday night hockey game with a case of beer and a bucket of chicken is damn romantic, but not everyone feels the same.

However, if you are lucky and have an understanding girlfriend like I do, the next time you try to be Mr. Romance and it goes terribly awry, she’ll sigh and say, “Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.”



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