February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Whose bush is back?

By Dave Picard
Gazette Staff

When speaking about sex, it is only natural to eventually touch upon a somewhat hairy subject: genital follicles. Perhaps now more than ever, pubic hair has become a highly debated subject.

Pubic hair styling has changed over the years, and just as every other tired and out-of-style trend in fashion seems to eventually become popular again, so too does pubic hair follow the vicious fashion circle.

So after years of a mostly undebated acceptance to keep ‘it’ clean, there now seems to be a rising number of pubic hair enthusiasts, which forces the question: Is the bush back? Do men and women share an equal responsibility to trim? Or, are men slacking in the manscaping department?

While GQ magazine recently stated the bush is back, observations around Western’s campus, London and many other cities would leave one believing that the bush is certainly NOT back.

It seems that we like to keep it clean. Well, at least women do.

There seems to be an ever-growing double standard when it comes to ‘maintaining’, one that leaves many women feeling as though they must embrace their crotchal baldness or else they will find their names on the “no sex for you” list. “Males expect girls to be cleanly shaven, while most of them don’t put the same expectations on themselves,” says a second-year female student. “It should be a two-way street.”

Perhaps more men would be willing to tame the beast if they understood the trouble that many girls claim to go through to keep the lawn mowed. “You think it’s easy to shave inside the vag?,” says another female student. (It should, however, be noted that shaving the so-called ‘bag’ is not so facile itself.)

Maybe men understand, but are simply jealous of the huge assortment of shapes and designs that can be molded from a women’s groinal furriness. Whereas women can shave tame landing strips, initials of loved ones, wild mohawks and any other imaginable shape, men appear to be restricted to three options: bald, trimmed or full bush.

Or perhaps men are simply confused. Some ladies can be cunning and deceitful about their trips to the barbershop down under, only shaving on those nights out on the town when they expect to bring someone home. This can mislead an honest suitor into believing his new lady friend just likes to keep ‘it’ that way. But misled or not, when a man and a woman are in love, or when a man and a woman just like each other enough to boink, the battle of the bush should be fought in an all-or-nothing manner.

It seems that making the decision to clip the hedge or let nature run wild is based on personal preference. In the end, the decision should not make a huge difference so long as all parties involved can agree to a fair and equal acceptance or condemnation of the below-the-waist curls. But if you’re trying to keep up with the latest styles, then the bush must go.

Sex is definitely a two-way street. Let’s keep the streets clean.



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