February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Lord of the USC: Part 1

Every year we quiz the University Students’ Council presidential candidates, to test their knowledge on all things Western and more. Here are each candidate’s results for the exceptionally tough test.

Questions and Answers
1. How many full-time employees work for the USC?
2. Who is the president of OUSA?
Jeff Laporte
3. Who is the associate general counsel at Western?
Steve Jarrett
4. Name one of the two federal granting councils. (you can use acronyms)
5. How many times has Western’s squash team won the National Championship?
21 in a row
6. Who is the minister of training, colleges and universities?
Mary Anne Chambers
7. How much is domestic draft beer at the Spoke?
8. Within five how many councillors are on the USC?
9. Who is the manager of USC entertainment productions?
Mark Wellington
10. What is this year’s Theatre Western production?
Don’t Tell Mama: A Night at the Cabaret
11. Who is the chief-of-staff in The West Wing?
Leo McGarry
12. How much additional money did the USC need to renovate the Concrete Beach?
13. Which USC bar used to be called the Maxx? In what year did it change?
The Wave, 1991
14. Who is Western’s men’s hockey team head coach?
Clarke Singer
15. What is the official name of the University College Tower?
The Middlesex Tower
16. Who is the president of SOGS or MBAA?
SOGS Daryl White, MBAA Philip Yuzpe
17. Who is the new permanent VP-administration of Western?
Trick question! There is no permanent VP-admin yet, the acting VP-admin is Jane O’Brien. (Bonus point involved).
18. What is playing at Western Film right now?
21 Grams and The Last Samurai
19. Within 500 how many undergraduate students are represented by the USC? 21,724
20. Name one Gazette photo editor.
Dallas Curow, Dave Picard, Matt Prince
21. Who is the dean of engineering?
Franco Berrutti
22. Name the U.S. governor(s) who starred in Predator?
Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger
23. Which school’s student council’s funding was frozen by their university administration?
24. What new academic department was created at Western amidst scandal?
25. Name two Canadians who won Grammies this year?
Eugene Levy, Howard Shore and k.d. Lang
26. What is the best Fox show involving weddings and fat people?
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé or Fox News
27. In 50 words or less describe your platform.

Patrick Harris — 12/26

1. 194
2. Adam Spence (Dave Ford wishes it was him!)
3. Steve Addler
4. Millenium Scholarship Fund
5. 20
6. Mary Anne Chambers
7. $2.50
8. 65
9. Mark Wellington
10. Cabaret (.5)
11. Leo McGarry
12. $21,000
13. The Wave, 1994 (.5)
14. Singer
15. Ummm... I don’t know!
16. It is .... ummmm.... yeah I have no clue
17. Wheedon
18. 21 GRAMS and Last Sammurai
19. 8756
20. Dallas
21. I have no clue
23. York
24. Film Department
25. Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne
26. My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance
27. My Platform is based on Forward thinking!
I will: Raise the level of debate on campus, support our Varsity teams, re-evaluate the Strategic plan and lobby to lower the age of majority to 18. Vote for me it is going to be one hell of a ride!

Dave Molenhuis — 9.5/26

1. Approximately 700
2. James Laporte (.5)
3. Someone very important I will get to know very soon. It was in The Gazette today concerning the mock UWO website.
4. Haven’t had the formal opporunity to work with either.
5. Many I presume
6. Mary Anne Chambers
7. $2.50 WOO! (ed. note: you are a dork)
8. 70
9. Mark Wellington
10. Cabaret (.5)
12. Too much...way too much...
13. Was that not the name of the popular after-school hangout on Saved By The Bell?
15. I know that it contains a World War One Memorial, I’ll have to say the Peace Tower
16. Chris someone...a very nice guy
17. I know Jane O’Brian was the temporary VP-Admin, but if someone is going to officially replace Peter Mercer then that’s wonderful.
18. 9:45 - The Last Samurai haven’t seen the 7o’clock feature since I have night classes nearly every day (.5)
19. 26,000
20. Johnny Photo Editor
22. Jesse Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenneger...a great movie
23. York
24. Flim...I mean Film...sorry to see those professors go before they got their program
25. I didn’t catch the grammies. I was busy studying for this test. But if any Canadian deserved to win it would be Sam Roberts.
26. I don’t watch FOX...maybe someday i’ll be able to afford cable....someday.
27. My Platform entitled the Students’ Agenda embodies what the presidency of this university can and must do to put students first. This is a three plank platform looking at issues revolving around Access to Post-Secondary Education, Diversity, and Community over Corporate Interests.

Nick Staubitz — 8/26

1. Close to 100
2. Adam Spence
3. Steve Gerrett
4. The Canadian Mint - thats all I got for now...
5. 11
6. Diane Cunningham (1997-2003)
7. $2.50
8. 67
9. Mark Wellington
10. Don’t Tell Mama - Cabaret is also being offered as a course
11. I’ve never had the chance to watch the West Wing,
12. $500, 000 initial cost for the USC with an additional ~50,000
13. It must have changed in the late 80’s or early 90’s
14. We just broke an individual record of 187 individual goals
15. The Flag Tower
16. I have his card in my school bag, but I can’t remember
17. Jane O’Brien is the acting VP -admin. I’ve not heard yet who was named to the position.
18. Lost in Translation was recently playing
19. 23,500
20. Niru Somajalya
21. I don’t know
22. Arnold Schwarzenegger
23. York Federation of Students
24. I believe it was in the MIT faculty.
25. Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne
26. Family Guy - the one where Peter (the ‘fat’ guy) courts Lois.
27. Listening to the student voice then turning up the volume. Looking at all aspects of student life here at UWO including clubs, the City of London and the future of the USC to ensure that the student council will grow to give students more of what they want and need

Steve Learmonth — 10.5/26

3. Peter Mercer
5. 21 times
6. It was Dianne Cunningham, now it’s not
7. $2.50 a pint
8. 35
9. Mark Wellington
11. Rob Lowe
12. Fifty thousand bucks
13. The Wave, 1993 (.5)
15. Hellmuth Tower
17. J. O’Brien
18. Finding Nemo
19. 18,000
20. Dave Picard
21. Dean Franco Berruti
22. Arnold Schwarzenegger
23. York University
24. The Department of Film Studies
25. Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain
26. Average Joe
27. I’m all about trimming the fat at the USC. My experience, my ability, my vision, and my charisma make me an ideal leader for the USC.

Kathy Robineau — 13/26

1. Approximately 35
2. Jeff Laporte
3. Greg Moran
4. Social Science and Humanities Research Council
5. Three
6. Marie-Anne Champers (.5 for spelling)
7. $2.00
8. 72
9. Mark Wellington
10. Don’t Tell Mama: A Night at The Cabaret
11. I have no idea, sorry.
12. $350,000
13.The Wave and around 1985 (.5)
14. Boweller
15.The UWO Tower Crest
16. SOGS president is Daryl White
17. The selection process is still ongoing - Jane O-Brien is currently the acting VP-administration
18. 21 Grams (.5)
19. $32,500
20. Beth Kerim
21. I just knew you would ask the one Dean I couldn’t remember.
22. Arnold Schwartzeneger
23. York
24. Film Studies
25. Shania Twain and Celine Dion
26. The newest reality TV show where the girl has to convince her family that she actually does want to marry the disgusting fiance (.5)
27. Finding more Job Opportunities for UWO Graduates within the London Community —- Conducting an annual student survey so that the students are directing some of the board’s initiatives each year — Creating a Learning Wtih Laughter Speakers Series with great Canadians like Rick Mercer and Don Cherry — Forming a USC Communications Plan [word limit reached].



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