February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Roundtable: a look at sex and sports

Dave Picard/Gazette
WE’RE GOING STREAKING THROUGH THE QUAD! This Homecoming halftime guest takes the advice of Frank the Tank quite literally. Whether or not the streaker made it to the gymnasium — or KFC — may never be known.

Sports and sex appeal are often associated in our collective consciousness; some might even say the two are inseparable. With that in mind, we thought we’d have a roundtable about the entire issue for our Valentine’s Day issue.

Attendees included Sports Editors Ian Denomme, Dave Lee and Alison Stolz as well as News Editor Dan Perry and Opinions Editor Mark Polishuk.

MARK: Haven’t we already talked about this with the hot male and female roundtables?
DAVE: That’s why this will be more about how sports sells sex.
ALISON: You mean how sex appeal sells sports. Look at cheerleaders at football games — guys don’t watch the halftime show for nothing
MARK: Especially when there’s naked boobs flyin’ about.
DAN: College games have cheerleaders. NFL has “leer-leaders.” (groan)
DAVE: I remember a few years ago when this woman from the American beach volleyball team got implants. She took a lot of flak because she was seen as playing into the sport’s “T&A” image. Appropriately enough, her name was Holly McPeak.
IAN: Yeah, there was also Jamie Salé posing in FHM and I think an Australian women’s soccer team made a nude calendar. Plus, Manon Rheaume and Katarina Witt both posed for Playboy, I think.
MARK: Now keep in mind that these are all women as well. There’s not nearly the same for men in sport. A guy will watch Anna Kournikova just to gawk at her. I don’t think a lot of women watch baseball just to see A-Rod.
DAN: Or Derek Jeter.
MARK: I refuse to give credit to Derek Jeter as anything more than scum. Goddamn Yankee pretty-boy punk-ass bitch.
ALISON: Women subject themselves to this. It doesn’t make sense when they’re trying to fight women having to use their bodies in order to capture an audience.
DAVE: So why are women’s sports promoted this way?
IAN: Because they want to put people in the seats.
DAN: One of the top brass at FIFA got in a lot of shit recently because he said women should wear shorter shorts and tighter shirts.
ALISON: How come guys don’t wear skimpier shirts and tighter shorts? We like watching bums too, as long as they’re cute.
DAVE: But why can’t women’s sports be seen as exciting as men’s?
MARK: I think that men almost have an inbred idea that women’s sports are inferior and they’re not going to watch unless there’s some sex appeal.
IAN: Like the Lingerie Bowl.
MARK: That was a god awful idea. The most offensive part of that wasn’t the lingerie, but the fact they put Lawrence Taylor in charge of a team. I wouldn’t trust L.T. to mow my grass without trying to sniff some for himself.
DAN: Polishuk, you don’t sniff grass.
MARK: Err, smoke it.
IAN: Remember when L.T. fought Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania XI?
MARK: Yep. And make sure you put that as roman numerals, since wrestling is classy.
DAVE: But the WWF hasn’t been the best role model for women in sports entertainment.
IAN: I disagree. Hulk Hogan was always telling kids to take their vitamins and say their prayers.
DAN: The vitamins are mind control, though.
MARK: Or testicle-shrinking steroids.
DAVE: How did we go off the rails?
MARK: It’s probably the Hulk Hogan mind control. Whatcha gonna do when mind control runs wild on you?



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