February 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 75  

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Top 10 sporting venues to “consummate” at

By Alison Stolz
Gazette Staff

Lennie Kwan/Gazette
WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT SQUEAKING NOISE? Some spectators come to football games to watch the action — some come to make their own.

Below, in no particular order, are the top ten sporting spots on campus to have a Valentine’s Day “encounter” on the sly.

Under the bleachers — This is an obvious one and if you haven’t already participated in a sexual adventure under the bleachers, make sure you do before you graduate.

Homeplate — Who needs second base when you can go the whole way? Just make sure there isn’t a late night practice.

50 yardline — Scoring a touchdown is one thing, but scoring from the 50 yard line is even better. And you can do a victory dance after!

Free throw line — There isn’t anything foul about getting a little action from 15 feet out. Make sure you shoot 100 per cent, and try to avoid dribbling.

Swimming pool — What’s better than getting wet and wild with your partner underwater? This can be refreshing and satisfying all in one.

Press box — For those Gazette reporters lucky enough to get any action, the press box offers privacy and a good view.

Zamboni — We have all heard of the mile high club; what about the Zam Bone Club?

Pool table — Who doesn’t like playing with sticks and balls. A pool table throws a little more excitment to the whole thing.

Locker room showers – If you really want to get dirty but come out fresh as a daisy, hit up the showers.

Centre ice — As Canadians we must pay tribute to our national sport and combine it with the art of lovemaking. Woo!



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