February 17, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 76  

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50 First Dates sinks Sandler

Let’s face it — who doesn’t love Adam Sandler? When it comes to comedic entertainment, he’s as reliable as your grandma’s home cookin’.

Is sampling beer like sampling girls?

Although guys get the reputation of just looking for some poontang, they also have the strange habit of going head over heels into committed relationships.

John Mayer digs Teitur’s laid-back style

Twenty seven-year-old Teitur, native to the Faroe Islands of Denmark, is the fresh face of laid-back music. His song style is similar to that of John Mayer and Jack Johnson, yet Teitur somewhat reinvents the genre to create a more intimate sound.

Ron Jeremy comes a bit late

“I’m living proof that anyone can get laid,” says Ron Jeremy.

Outside the Box: Millenium

Millennium Actress is an anime film about Chiyoko Fujiwara, a legendary actress who mysteriously disappeared at the peak of her career.

Side projects “healthy” for BNB

Friendly, talkative and completely down-to-earth: these are not terms one would normally attach to members of a rock ’n’ roll band.


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