February 17, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 76  

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Ron Jeremy comes a bit late

By Gabriella Barillari
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
OUR WRITER KNOWS A CELEBRITY! Gazette writer Gabriella Barillari (far right) and a friend snap a pic with the Porn King.

“I’m living proof that anyone can get laid,” says Ron Jeremy.

This past Monday, the reigning North American king of porn spent an intimate R-rated evening with 400 Fanshawe College students and guests. After arriving a bit late, out came Mr. 9 3⁄4 to a crowd of overtly horny 20-somethings to talk about sex, love, politics and comedy.

“Porno is a strange business,” Jeremy says after describing how he left his job as a special education teacher to pursue a career in acting.

Originally, he wanted to get into mainstream films after receiving his master’s degree in theatre. However, his girlfriend landed him a spot in Playgirl back in 1978 after having sent in a nude picture of him.

Jeremy has been in over 32 Hollywood movies and worked on such successful productions as Boondock Saints and Detroit Rock City. However, his claim to fame are the 52 pornographic films he has starred in, including 21 Hump Street and I’ll Have Another Butt Light. To date, he has had sex with over 4,000 women.

On discussing love, Jeremy admits, “True love is a very powerful thing, but is very hard to find. Being in the porn business, I find that one can be emotionally monogamous, but still sleep with other people as long as their partner is OK with it.” But how do you convince someone to accept this approach? “It may sound surprising, but a lot of girls are into it too.”

Jeremy surprisingly had some refreshing and intellectual statements regarding feminism. He mentions that feminists overlook the fact that females own most of the porn industry. Furthermore, actresses get paid much more than their male counterparts — in fact, thousands of dollars more.

For die-hard nymphomaniacs, Jeremy advises voting for the Democrats. George W. Bush and the Republicans are the ones responsible for cracking down on the world of illicit sex, and he cannot understand why. “I don’t get it. You’ve got a Bush, a Dick and a Colin in office. That’s an anal sex scene right there. Weapons of ass destruction!”

When asked to whip it out, Ron responded, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Unfortunately, those few females who got their chests signed during the autograph session failed to ask for their own special viewing.

If you can’t get enough of beastly 50-year-olds, you can watch Ron Jeremy on The Surreal Life on the WB or rent his video Porn Star, which will be released this March.



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