February 17, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 76  

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Raccoons ARE bandits

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff

Even in the evil depths of winter, the energy of crime perpetrators is not sapped; perhaps the amount of petty crime actually increases in a desperate attempt by bandits to get out of the cold.

Elgin Austen, spokesperson for Campus Community Police Service, said the London Transit Commission has contacted them several times in the past few weeks about the unauthorized use of student bus passes.

Austen explained that students were attempting to use the bus with other people’s passes. LTC drivers are instructed to seize unauthorized passes, whereupon an internal investigation is conducted and CCPS is contacted. But it’s so freakin’ cold — bus pass fraud is almost understandable.

Austen also said there were several incidents of people slipping and falling due to the icy conditions. No kidding? Ice is slippery?

In more serious news, evidence is mounting to suggest it is dangerous for Fanshawe College students to venture onto the grounds of Western. Late Saturday night, two Fanshawe students were allegedly attacked by a group of high school students on Concrete Beach.

As well, Austen said a non-student was stopped for speeding on Western’s campus late Sunday night and then discovered to have a substantial quantity of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The suspect was charged with drug trafficking. So next time you’re speeding around in your car, how about making the effort to conceal your narcotics and accompanying scales and baggies?

The 3M Building had some unexpected visitors this week. Austen explained the burglary alarm was triggered and when officers arrived on the scene they discovered two raccoons inside. It seems they had been living in the ceiling of the building.



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