February 18, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 77  

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Students love food and cheating

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when students pay about $5,000 in tuition and still have to rely on a food bank in order to eat.

Not only are more student councils resorting to food banks to help their students get through the day, many are also experiencing supply shortages on a regular basis.

This is unacceptable and a more permanent solution is needed.

It is possible for students to abuse the system and use a food bank when it is not absolutely necessary. Depending on a food bank is a worst case scenario, when students have no other way to put something in their stomach. However if students can afford tuition — whether through a job, parents’ money, or other financial assistance — it is likely they can spare enough for a meal.

If they can’t, there should be assitance available to help aleviate students’ dependance on campus food banks. This is where the provincial government comes in. As we have advocated in the past, reform of the Ontario Student Assistance Program is desperately needed.

It is a incomprehensible that a student who receives OSAP does not have money to cover their needs while at university. OSAP needs to be reformed so that the amount given covers both tuition and living expenses. This includes groceries.

It is up to the government to make that change, but until that happens we may just keep seeing a rise in the need for food banks.

It’s once again a proud day for the faculty of science.

In the grand tradition of ratting out comrades, it seems that one science student complained to the dean about students using programmable calculators to cheat on exams. Though the rumours are unsubstantiated, it’s likely the offenders programmed various formulae into their calculators in order to save valuable brain space for memories of Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons.

While the issue seems laughable, the complaint is nevertheless valid. Cheating on tests is never good, especially if you’re the one left out of the scam, forced to do real work. This whole situation smacks of the episode of the Wonder Years where Kevin caught some of his colluding classmates.

Similarly, everyone can remember that one kid in Grade 4 who had a calculator wristwatch and shamelessly flaunted his ability to get perfect on math tests. This situation, though over a decade removed, likely reminds our poor science student of that very scenario. Thus, by “narcing” on his present-day classmates, he exorcised the math demons from years past. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, it’s likely that sex-starved engineers are happy to use their calculators in an inverted fashion to spell out words like “BOOB” and “BOOBLESS.” Oh, you zany engineers, will you ever learn? Or more to the point, will you ever get laid?



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