February 18, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 77  

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Canucks are faithful, but love their kink

By Anton Vidgen
Gazette Staff
Leah Crane/Gazette
APPARENTLY CANADIANS ARE LOYAL TO THEIR PARTNERS. Showing affection or looking for pocket change? You decide.

Faithful Canadian seeking loyal partner for vibrator action, fun with handcuffs and dressing up in novelty underwear. Sex fiends only please.

According to an international survey published by a British organization, 66 per cent of Canadians are happy with their sex life, while 43 per cent enjoy sex toys to spice up life in the bedroom.

Entitled “How (Often) Does Britain Score,” the report was released by the Policy Exchange, a British think tank, and aimed to highlight national differences in sexual behaviour. “The general purpose of the scorecard is to give the media an opportunity to compare Britain with the other G7 countries,” said Jamey Borell, a spokesperson for the organization.

“Canada is one of the least surprising countries,” she said. “Canada turned up pretty much the way it always does: between the [United States] and Britain.”

Though the report was well received by the public, Borell said some of its more serious statistics — such as the legal abortions rate and HIV/AIDS prevalence rate — deserve equal attention.

India, for example, has a rising AIDS rate of 0.8 while Canada’s is only 0.3, according to World Health Organization.

But most of the survey looked at changing sexual attitudes and the dominance of socially liberal values in Western countries such as the Netherlands and France, Borell explained, adding it was also timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

“The British tend to be a lot more [sexually] open, and not just the British, but Europeans in general,” said Melanie Slade, health education co-ordinator for Student Health Services here at Western. “[Canada] is also being pulled between the two main influences,” she said, referring to the U.S. and Britain.

Slade said she believes the survey was an accurate representation of Canada’s liberal attitudes towards sex, and was equally telling of the sexual activities of youth. “I think students are extremely well informed [but they] have a big immortality complex.

“I think students are definitely more experimental in many respects,” she said. “The only thing that might stop them from experimenting is finances.”

Most students thought the survey properly depicted Canadian society and sex.

“I think we’re more sexually liberated,” said Cynthia Medeiros, a fourth-year health sciences student. Canadians have more freedom and a progressive media that supports those who “think outside the box” in terms of sex, she said. “There’s a lot of kinkiness around us.”

Kinky Canucks
% answering “yes” to the questions “Are you happy with your sex life?”

% of people who have had unprotected sex with a new partner in the past year

Teenage birthrate
(births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19)

Average age at first marriage
(women in 2000)
26 years

Amount of sexual activity
(average number of times per person per year)

% answering “yes” to “Which of the following sex enhancers have you used?”
Lubricants 62
Vibrators and/or sex toys 43
Handcuffs/bondage 32
Pornography 51
Novelty underwear 24
None 11



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