February 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 78  

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Campus Life plays a game of Follow The Leader

It’s not secret we live in crazy times. Between SARS, mad cow disease and various other national scares, Canadians have been through a lot in the last year alone.

Shady Canadian Leadership?

Ask any Canadian about political leadership and you are almost certain to get a response along the lines of a snort or shrug. Does Canada have leaders in its political landscape?

Stars lead us into temptation

Figures of the entertainment world are in a powerful position: they have the potential to lure audiences into idolizing their arguable talent and, inevitably, their views on various issues.

Some of the World's Greatest Leaders

Martin Luther King Jr. — His leadership of the American civil rights movement in the 1960s and the results of his ‘dream’ still resonate today.

Leader of the pack: what makes up effective leadership ability?

With all this talk of leadership, the question still begs to be answered. What exactly is it that makes a good leader?

Sports leaders a different breed

It’s too bad sports fans are caught up with winning all the time.

Campus Inquisition

In an effort to investigate who students look up to in this crazy world, Campus Life gathered some student opinions on leadership.



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