February 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 78  

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Stars lead us into temptation

By Lori Mastronardi
Gazette Staff

Figures of the entertainment world are in a powerful position: they have the potential to lure audiences into idolizing their arguable talent and, inevitably, their views on various issues.

However, if you have no regard for politics, why should you care if Bono makes a speech? If you litter regularly, are you going to help save the trees just because Coldplay urges you to?

Realistically, we are radically detached from voices on radio, images on screen and scandals in Hollywood. Fame doesn’t equate to wisdom, so why should we invest our belief in stars, simply because they can deliver their opinions to a widespread audience?

In the realm of entertainment there are a few figures who stand out. And the top five leaders of the entertainment world are...

Brad Pitt
Brad is the kind of star who can lead you anywhere: the bedroom, broom closet or death. In Meet Joe Black, Pitt led us to believe that even dying could be considered sexy.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie is that special woman who can attract a plethora of gay men with her intense flavour and colour. Plus, Kylie gives washed-up artists reason to believe it is possible to make a comeback in this cutthroat business.

Carrie Bradshaw
Six seasons of overanalyzing relationships, men and self, Sex and the City starlet Sarah Jessica Parker has lead the female race into spending countless hours in another world and spending countless dollars on the series’ collection of DVDs.

Although incessantly critiqued, Madonna emphasizes that women can get what they want, if they really want it. She inspired teen pop princesses Britney and Christina to replace innocence with sexuality.

Justin Timberlake
Even if you begin with sketchy bleach blonde curls in a boy band that rivals the Backstreet Boys, Justin proves you can eventually adopt an enviable reputation. He is the envy of all straight men — what male hasn’t dreamed of revealing Janet’s breast at the most masculine event of the year?



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