February 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 78  

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Campus Inquisition

By Lorraine Forster
Gazette Staff

In an effort to investigate who students look up to in this crazy world, Campus Life gathered some student opinions on leadership.

What qualities do you think a leader should have?

Self confidence, charisma, someone who you can relate to on a personal level, yet someone who challenges you intellectually/spiritually/emotionally, depending on the situation.
—Leah Kelly,

They should be dominant, motivating, energetic and wield power over people in a way that’s not overwhelming, and you should be able to ask them questions.
—Michelle Walc,

Able to motivate the troops, give people responsibility and let them do their own thing.
—JP Cadeau,
Strong, independent, able to think on their feet, work well with others.
—Ally MacLeod,

Someone outgoing and moderately attractive.
—Jessica O’Connor,
Health Sciences II

Name someone noteworthy who you think is an excellent leader.

Clint Eastwood, because he seems like a decent guy. He’s old so he knows a lot about life.

Michael J. Fox for fighting with Parkinson’s disease, and Sarah Jessica Parker for being such a strong female archetype.

Kim Cattrall because she has a lot of sex.
—Sarah McMaster,
History I



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