February 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 78  

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Staubitz is prez; voter turnout huge

By Gazette Staff

Nick Staubitz will be next year’s University Students’ Council president after an election that struck a blow to student apathy with a voter turnout that was 65 per cent higher than last year.

A total of 7,092 students voted over the last two days, representing approximately a quarter of eligible student votes. The turnout is significant compared to most university student elections.

Staubitz, a fourth-year biology and geology student, won with 2,577 votes, beating his nearest rival, third-year political science student Patrick Harris, by 477 votes.

“I feel great,” Staubitz said. “It’s so great to see this support.” He said he felt his campaign was successful because of the great number of people who supported him from the beginning.

“I’m going to learn — I’m going to keep on learning,” Staubitz said. “I’m going to take the office at a running pace.”

“I ran the campaign I wanted to run,” Harris said. “2,100 people on this campus voted for me and I’m humbled by that.” When asked if he had any advice for Staubitz, Harris said Staubitz should stand up for what students believe in and give the USC some meaning.

Finishing in third with 1,644 votes was fourth-year sociology student Kathy Robineau, who said she wanted to congratulate Staubitz.

Third-year French and history student Dave Molenhuis and fifth-year biochemical engineering student Steve Learmonth took fourth and fifth place with 374 and 218 votes respectively.
Molenhuis said he was glad to see Staubitz win. “His platform was most commensurate to [mine],” he said.

“I’m happy for Nick, I think he’ll do a good job with it,” Learmonth said. “I’m pleased with the campaign I ran.” He said all of the preparation Staubitz put into his campaign helped. “You can do it Nick,” he added.

Chief Returning Officer James Guttman said the high turnout could be attributed to the great number of candidates this year. “There were 105 candidates this year and there were only 30 last year,” he said.

USC communications officer Liz Berman said the turnout definitely exceeded the USC’s expectations. “We emphasized promoting nominations as well as voting,” she noted, adding the splash screen at library terminals likely helped as well.


Election Winners

USC President
Nick Staubitz

Arts President
Kyle Donovan (acclaimed)

Media, Information and Technoculture President
Francisco J. Rivas (acclaimed)

Arts Coucillor
Julia Rady 209
Adam Kope 123
Pamela Chan 120

Health Science President
Jenn Bloomers 384

Health Science Councillor
Graham Long 352
Lauren Hulme 339
Carolyn Hureau 307
Ashley Hogue 285

Media, Information and Technoculture Councillor
Brian Fauteux 135

Science President
Erin Nadeau 727

Science Councillor
Dinesh Bhayana 343
Hesham Shaban 334
Thao-Nguyen Nguyen 325
Farah Manji 317
Cat Mulvhill 303
Becky Zener 292
Cristins De Lasa 271

Social Science President
Ben Laserson 942

Social Science
Heather Graham 604
Ashley White 482
Alison Todd 475
Amy Bi 457
Jordan Green 444
Rachael Donovan 422
Ryan Sadler 398
Cody Alton 376
Jonathan Brock 375
Courtney Owen 358



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