January 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 56  

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Burton’s latest Fish makes a fantastic catch

Edward Bloom (Finney) has spent much of his life recounting tales of adventures to those around him, most notably his son Will (Crudup). However, Will grows tired of his father’s stories, finding it impossible to relate to a man he only knows through fairy tales and exaggerated delusions of grandeur.

Little boys to rule 2004

Meshbacks, pointy shoes, faux-hawks, faux-lesbians, hotels in paradise and homemade porn — all were sexy in 2003. But hey, it’s a new year, and that means we have to find new things to put our sex drive into overdrive. Here’s the forecast for what’s sexy in ’04:

A final hurrah for our favourite X-mas food

Coming out of the holiday season, many are left wondering why they can’t fit into their favourite jeans anymore. Lets face it: there’s way too much to eat over the Christmas month, and the food is too tasty to resist. So, as a final tribute to the past month of stuffing our faces, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top five holiday foods. And the winners are:




Strawberries in January a great way to shake off winter blues

Strawberries in January? What a novel idea! That’s the type of fresh thinking The Grand Theatre has in store for theatre goers this month with the unveiling of their new production Strawberries in January. It’s a quaint, adorable, romantic comedy that will thaw the hearts of even the most frigid audience.

Orchestra London goes Bottomless

Orchestra London wants you to go bottomless — with their Bottomless Pass for students, that is.


Michael Moore’s new book Dude, Where’s My Country? is not so much a book as a cut-and-paste scrapbook of many of Moore’s recent “big thoughts.”



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