January 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 56  

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Charity drink

Another new year, another University Students’ Council Charity Ball.

But like a lot of other things this year, something will be a little different at the annual ball because of concerns relating to alcohol.

Although the USC managed to obtain special insurance coverage to hold the event — which they needed because the organization was unable to acquire a new insurance package that included provisions for liquor liability outside of the two USC-owned on-campus bars, as reported last week by The Gazette — they were unable to make Charity Ball a Wet/Dry event.

The USC’s Wet/Dry Program was suspended in September after underaged students were caught drinking in The Wave by inspectors from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Wet/Dry remains in limbo because the USC is waiting for a report from the AGCO.

According to Charity Ball organizers, the fact that underaged students can’t attend isn’t a very big deal, considering the Ball has historically been an upper-year event. But with the double cohort, there are a lot more underaged students this year and plenty of first-year students do attend.

This year’s charities, the London Humane Society and the Alzheimer’s Society of London-Middlesex, will likely lose out at least a little because of the policy change.

Nevertheless, the event itself will go on, and a sizeable donation of cash will go towards another two good causes this year. It’s just a shame the government of Ontario thinks students old enough to attend university aren’t old enough to drink.

Awning, again

Remember the big (or medium-sized) ruckus (we sort of caused) over the big ugly purple awning on the newly renovated (still unfinished) Concrete Beach?

Well the verdict (or at least part of it) is in. The awning did indeed appear to do its job (sort of) after the weekend snowfall.

The stairs going into the basement of the University Community Centre were wet but (mostly) clear yesterday morning, thanks to the purple (monstrocity of an) awning students and USC councillors alike loved to hate.

Council debated the awning’s existence for two (excruciating) hours during a Nov. 5 meeting, after a motion was brought forward to have the thing removed (following Gazette jokes about its ugliness).

The motion was rejected, after council couldn’t justify spending money to remove something they had just (foolishly) paid to put up. One councillor even pleaded: “Let’s give the awning a chance.”

Well, the awning took the ball and ran with it this weekend (sort of). Mother Nature not only tested it but added her own aesthetic improvements: the awning is now mostly white thanks to the snow covering, so it’s looking (slightly) better.



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