January 13, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 56  

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Campus Inquisition

Now that the jolly time for Christmas presents and New Years’s debauchery is done and over with, we have hangovers and debt as well as dreaded classes to contend with. The Gazette journeyed the campus far and wide to scour for what for what many would consider a wacky or weird (or maybe even humorous) holiday story. Here’s what was found...

“We went to Nebraska and we stalked this 18-year old kid because he was American. Should I say that?”
—Andrew Pawlowski
Master’s Anthropology

“No. Say because he liked our German friend. He gave her his number.”
—Allyson Brady
Master’s Anthropology

“We prank called him everyday and said ‘we’re in Oma-fuckin’-ha’ and told him to come and find us.”
—Jay Maxwell
Master’s Anthropology
“At about four in the morning we kept leaving him messages and then his mom picked up the phone.”

“She wasn’t that happy.”

“We had cigars at the wedding and this guy smoked our cigar butts.”

“This sounds disjointed, but its true.”

“We drank everyday.”

“And I picked up like three married women.”

“Please don’t tell anyone our names. We’re grad students, what will our students think?”



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