January 15, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 58  

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No more missing pieces: Thank the Lord, Add/Drop is finally over. After hours of sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs or floors covered in slush from outside, you should finally have a complete schedule. Now, as for whether or not you actually like all the courses you’re enrolled in is an entirely different story...

Billy Talent’s show at Call the Office: Finally, the Talent comes to London! The BT show last Friday was a definite hit, as was evidenced by all the kids singing along.

The Gazette internships: Okay, maybe it’s a shameless plug, but who are we to avoid shameless plugs? In any case, our internship program is a great way for aspiring journalists to learn the media ropes. UCC Rm. 263 — be there, sign up.


Finding out you hate your new courses: A new year brings a new round of academics, often accompanied by bitter hatred and the desire to drop out and become a rogue hitman.

Stupid media stunts: Britney’s marriage, Paris Hilton’s sex tape, T.A.T.U.’s phony lesbianism — so many stupid celebs, so little time. Can’t they find other ways to hold on to their quickly fading time in the spotlight? Like, say, having talent?

The endless wave of SPAM: We all love the Internet, but hate the ridiculous amounts of SPAM plaguing our inboxes on a daily basis. Firstly, who are these people buying Viagra and penis enlargement pills over the Internet, and thereby keeping spammers in business? And secondly, can someone kill them?



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