January 15, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 58  

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Vegans do it with vegetables

Maybe you’re dating a vegan, maybe you finally watched Babe for the first time over the holidays — no matter what your reasons may be for considering a vegan lifestyle, it’s important to be informed of the pros and cons involved before making the choice to go vegan. Here are some to consider:

— Vegan foods generally include less chemicals and preservatives than non-vegan options.
— You become an expert label-reader and are forced to pay attention to what you eat.
— Vegan diets are generally low in fat and cholesterol.
— You are forced to become more creative with your food shopping and cooking.
— No more liver or “macaroni-and-cheese loaf” (phew).
— You’re protecting animal rights.
— Factory farming of animals hurts the environment, by going vegan you depend much less on this.

— Cutting animal products such as meat and dairy eliminates certain vitamins and necessary nutrients, including protein, iron and calcium.
— Eating out at restaurants becomes difficult, as while many places offer vegetarian options, many still don’t cater to vegans.
— No more steak or pizza (if you liked these sorts of things in the first place, of course.)
— Shopping for food becomes more time consuming, as thorough label-reading takes time and effort.



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