January 16, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 59  

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Cocky members of ’hood get prickly

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff
Curtesy of Brad Seed
BLOWJOB? MORE LIKE SNOWJOB. Brad Seed, Todd Burgess, Gabe Ressoa and Jay Wighton put snow to good use when they built this interesting figure at their Huron St. home.

Shrinkage was not a problem for four male Western students this week, despite the bitter cold — in fact, they just cut it right off.

According to one of the perpetrators, second-year engineering student Brad Seed, he and his three house mates spent a total of nearly 10 hours building a 14-foot snowman with a three-and-a-half foot appendage.

“We built a penis first, but just down the road, there was a 10-foot snowman, so we thought we’d outdo them,” Seed said.

According to London Ward 2 councillor Joni Baechler, eight complaints snowballed in, mostly from elderly neighbours and those with children.

“One person mentions it to someone, who mentions it to someone else, who mentions it to someone else,” she said, adding she took no action, initially.

“I understand that some of the residents [in the Huron and Richmond area] called [off-campus housing mediation officer] Glenn Matthews and he was going to pay them a visit,” she said.

According to Seed’s roommate Todd Burgess, also a second-year engineering student, the four friends robbed Frosty of his manhood on the advice of a reporter from The London Free Press, who showed up at the house about 10 hours after the giant snow schlong was erected.

“The reporter from The Free Press said council was taking some heat for it downtown [and also said] people were coming around, but we never saw anyone,” Burgess said.

The warning from yesterday, however, was about a different, similarly well-endowed snowman at a house on Huron St. and Sunset Dr., which according to that report, was part of an ongoing prank war in the area.

Western’s director of residences, Peggy Wakabayashi, said Matthews approached the students at that house Wednesday night and they agreed to take it down; according to Burgess, they took theirs down themselves.

“I think it’s a matter of community standards — it’s not acceptable in a neighbourhood,” Wakabayashi said. “I believe there was no intention to offend people; however, it did.”

“[The ‘sculpture’] is difficult when you’re taking your kids to school,” Baechler added.

“We kind of expected to get into some trouble for it,” Burgess admitted. We weren’t trying to offend anybody — we were just screwing around. You know, being university students.”



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