January 20, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 60  

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Kylie likes it “Slow”

Kylie Minogue
“Slow” (video)
Directed by: Billie Walsh

Über-hot 40-something diva Kylie Minogue kicks off the debut of her latest efforts with a video that holds true to its LP title, Body Language.

The gyrating, self-groping, visual orgy encompassed within “Slow” proves that Kylie is very aware of the science behind her own body language. However, as we are submerged in the poolside landscape of Speedo-clad men, reminiscent of a Key West Club Med, it’s apparent her cougar-appeal is somehow misplaced. As Kylie lies in the midst of this sea of bronzed flesh and muscle, not a single hand gravitates towards her goods. Instead, the star of the video merely contorts her body in a sexually frustrated manner, resorting to her own touch.

Although the video is fairly slow-moving and devoid of any plot, the choreography and use of aerial shots will definitely draw you in. As the camera pulls back from the action, the collage of shifting body parts gives the visually-intriguing impression of some sort of mythological creature — perhaps a mutation from too much suntan lotion.

If the video’s artistic qualities don’t strike your fancy, the healthy portion of cleavage Kylie dishes out in her tight black bathing suit may satisfy.

—Jesse Steiche



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