January 20, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 60  

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Men are evil, jerks, asses: women

By Angela Marie Denstedt
Gazette Staff

A study conducted by Ispos-Reid Canada late last year determined that the majority of young women felt that men could not be trusted when it came to birth control.

The study, which was conducted between November and early December, included the input of 704 women aged 18 to 24, said Susan Oakes, head of the study.

Although a birth control pill for men has yet to hit the market, the study suggests it would likely be a waste of time as 63 per cent of women said they would not trust a man to take the pill everyday, and 76 per cent of women felt they were more responsible than men regarding birth control.

“This survey says a lot about the female attitude toward birth control; they feel responsible for their bodies and their future,” Oakes said. “Women are the ones who would have to suffer the consequences of an accidental pregnancy; therefore, they are more likely to take control of protection.”

The opinion of some may be that men simply cannot be trusted, but psychology professor Stephen Kohler raised this question: “Why would a woman want to give the responsibility of her getting pregnant to someone else?” He noted that with the possibility of pregnancy, women should trust no one but themselves.

However, there is no clinical difference between the memory of men and women, explained psychology professor Albert Katz, who has done studies in autobiographical memory. “Men typically remember things from the past, like sports and politics,” he said.

The general consensus among female students seems to be that most women simply would not trust birth control to anyone else, especially a man; in fact, many female students doubted the possibility a man would remember to take a birth control pill.
“They’d forget, because they forget everything,” said Sarah Gleeson, a first-year social work student.

“You have to look out for yourself, it’s a serious issue that can not be taken lightly,” said first-year arts student Katie Mika.
It is not just women who feel men cannot be trusted with such a task; men also agreed that they couldn’t. “No, to be honest I don’t think I could trust myself to take the birth control pill. I just don’t think I could see myself being so disciplined,” said fourth-year history student Ciaran McCarthy.

It seems painfully clear women are much more responsible than men, said graduate student Rudiger Jonser: “Guys are asses.”



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