January 21, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 61  

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Game on

Re: “Women need to end the chase,” Jan. 15, 2004

To the Editor:
When my father begins worrying about losing his daughter to an irresponsible boy, he tells me he is worried I am not having “the university experience.” I have not figured out exactly what this includes, but my working definition involves friendships, fun and indulging. Oh, and of course, dating different guys so that not one alone will tie me down (a.k.a. steal me away from Daddy).

Julie Meehan assumes men have “all about the boys” relationships which entail “going to the bar to pick up chicks” and thus are unworthy of female pursuance. I disagree. There is nothing wrong with going to the bar to pick up (guys and girls alike). Meeting new people is a great way to build confidence and show a high level of confidence. The elaborate stories guys tell post-Saturday night should serve as incentive for women to join the game.

In university, we develop an understanding of our own relationship needs through trial and error. It might take a few nights out to find your lifetime euchre partner, but that does not mean you should give up on love.

Despite my Daddy’s wise advice and multiple lectures on the university experience I made only one boy my prey. My boyfriend is a veteran of picking up girls and changing his mind about them frequently. This does not bother me because he finally knows what he needs. The most important thing is that we are on the same page, because tonight I’m going out with the girls!

Ashley Ferraro
Media, Information and Technoculture II


To the Editor:
London Transit Commission, your service is horrendous! I waited 45 minutes outside in the FREEZING COLD for the two buses that didn’t come going northbound. There were two other students at the bus stop with me. We all missed our classes! How unreliable is your service?
All university students are required to pay for this transit which we can’t opt-out of. We expect better service and not filthy buses from which you can’t even see your stop because of the muck-covered windows.

Katrina Chua
Administrative and Commercial Studies III

Blame Bettman

To the Editor:
This letter is meant to criticize the people who run the Intramural leagues here at Western. My roommates, my friends and I are a part of two specific leagues: Men’s Competitive Hockey and Competitive Ball Hockey.

The way these leagues are being run is a joke. Concerning ice hockey, we have shown up numerous times and been left with one official for a game; many times it is a linesmen, who is unqualified to call the games. Even when we do get all three officials on the ice, a blind monkey would be able to call a better game. Our team spent approximately $1,000 to register, and for that amount of money, we expect Western to provide a better quality league.

As for ball hockey, last week we showed up 20 minutes before the game and the rink was covered in snow. Can the people running Campus Recreation not get off their wallet and make sure the rink is plowed and salted? People were falling all over the rink like baby deer learning to walk for the first time. The university also does not provide two sets of goalie equipment for the two teams playing, expecting teams to bring their own.

The official who showed up, late I may add, reminded our team of Jim Breuer’s stoned character from Half Baked. Finally, the light box for the rink needed a key to get to the light switch, and of course Dopey did not have the proper key, delaying the start time of our game and every other game that night.

So, to the people at Campus Rec, it’s time to get your heads out of your collective asses and provide the students with acceptable Intramural sports.

Kyle Hampson

Food facts fudged

Re: “Vegans do it with vegetables,” Jan. 15, 2004

To the Editor:
I appreciate The Gazette giving the vegan diet exposure, but a few of your cons need adjustment.

First off, you mentioned that cutting animal products out of your diet eliminates vitamins and necessary nutrients like protein, iron and calcium. This is 100 per cent false. There are many sources of iron available. In just half a cup of tofu there’s 13 mgs of iron. All legumes contain iron. Vegetables and fruits also have iron. This type of iron, however, is of a non-heme nature, which means they must be consumed with a source of Vitamin C or your body has more trouble using it. This can create the misconception that vegans are iron deficient.

Now I will address the issue of protein. Legumes are enough of a source of protein that vegans need not worry about it. Now for the truth about protein: a diet high in protein increases the amount of calcium that passes through the kidneys and out of your body. Most diets are already too high in protein, which is why the recommended level of calcium intake is so high. Therefore, vegans who allow themselves to believe they are protein deficient will obviously eat more protein, and thus become calcium deficient.

This, in turn, leads people to believe that vegans don’t get enough calcium. I’d like to point out that legumes are full of calcium, not to mention dark green leafy vegetables.

I understand how all these misconceptions have developed so I don’t blame you for printing them. Next time, however, do a bit more research please.

Tim Gregersen



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