January 21, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 61  

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Mid-East flyer causes uproar
USC considering sanctions for club

A series of incidents last week involving literature and posters distributed by Middle East clubs will force the University Students’ Council to inspect all contentious Clubs Week material in the future, after a flood of complaints from students.

Dwarf tossing comes to London, PETA declines comment

Dwarf tossing — a medieval Viking tradition proven more prolific, and current, than other Viking favourites such as raping, killing and pillaging — has finally come to London.

Up front pay system eyed for London cabs

London cab companies are looking to implement a fare-deposit system to prevent fare fraud. If the cab drivers of London have their way, riding and running will no longer be an option.

Manhole covers blown sky high in downtown explosions

Anyone who happened to be walking through the Clarence and King St. area in downtown London Monday night may have thought the apocalypse had come. An underground explosion caused several manhole covers to be blown several feet in the air, with flames shooting out of them.

Locals to protest French law banning symbols

A group of concerned Muslim women at Western have been inspired by international protests against controversial legislation being proposed in France.

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