January 22, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 62  

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MuchMusic VJ Search: Although 28-year old Dale K. Sood would have been the more mature VJ, we still give props to the argyle sweater-wearing, blond-haired Montrealer Devon Matthew Soltendieck who was crowned the new MuchMusic VJ last weekend. Soltendieck is less threatening than pierced-and-tattooed George Stroumboulopoulous and just plain cooler than the uncool Rick Campanelli.

America’s Next Top Model: Season two of UPN’s modelling reality show has fended off the second season jinx and, so far, has come up with another sassy and addictive installment of the Tyra Banks-hosted competition. And to ensure that the contenders don’t get too friendly with each other, Banks reminds her beauties, “This is NOT a sorority — this is a modelling competition!”

Kravitz is single again!: Although we were happy that Nicole Kidman was able to replace Tom with the sultry Lenny, we’re glad that rocker Kravitz is back on the market.


Paris Hilton & Nick Carter: Seen cavorting in the Bahamas and unable to get their paws off each other, the girl with the most cake and the boy with the unsuccessful solo career are now an item. If Carter gets to go backstreet on Hilton, we want to be the first to see the video.

Starbucks in Paris: So, let’s take a city known for its distinct culture and quaint cafés and throw in the biggest coffee chain in the world to spoil the Parisian charm with a burst of mass appeal. Next time you travel to discover a new city, you’ll be able to order your standard Frappaccino. What’s next, a Wal-Mart next to the Eiffel Tower?

Ugg Boots: These Australian-born, sheepskin, bulky boots are considered fashionable simply because they are so damn ugly. We’d like to blame Oprah for the infiltration of Uggs into our society — she gave a pair to everyone in her audience. Now, every other girl at Western has grabbed a pair and the boots come in every colour from baby pink to ruby red. Now that’s ugg.



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