January 22, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 62  

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U of T pushes student vote

The University of Toronto administration has pressured a campus student group to hold a referendum, a move that could put into question the existence of another student group.

Inmates love alcohol as much as students

Inmates at a Kingston area prison partied hard this past Christmas, thanks to homemade booze concocted with a variety of household ingredients.

Conflict over change to Aboriginal university

Many of Canada’s secluded Northern populations face economic, geographic and cultural barriers to pursuing university degrees. Often those most affected are First Nation Canadians, and the province of Manitoba has sought to bring education northwards.

Mixed response to IAC speaker

The Israel Action Committee brought in two speakers to talk about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict yesterday, however, the presentation caused a stir with several students walking out and others staying to voice their opposition.

Advanced courses give HS students leg up

The Advanced Placement program in Canada, which has just recently made its way to London, may ease the transition from high school to university for some students.

Medical ignorance cured far too late

Kats got your tongue

A master’s student at the University of British Columbia has spent the last three years mapping out the nerves that run through the vagina. What is astonishing is that this is the first research ever done documenting the nerves in the erectile tissue around the clitoris.

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