January 23, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 63  

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Purple Pipe

Katie Millar/Gazette
SHE GOT GAME. This week’s Purple Pipe winner is women’s basketball star Rebecca McColl. She dominated a pair of weekend games in Toronto against Ryerson and Toronto, and was an easy choice as winner.

Rebecca McColl is on a McRoll — she’s this week’s Purple Pipe winner.

McColl led the Mustangs to two victories this past weekend, grabbing 23 points Friday night against Ryerson University, only to best herself with 25 the next night against the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. She scored 13 more against McMaster University on Wednesday night.

The 21-year-old McColl is in her third year at Western. Hailing from Hamilton, she is currently enrolled in her second year of social science. The forward is averaging 14.3 points per game, a mark which places her 11th overall in Ontario.

The women’s basketball team has a 10-3 record, placing them in first place atop the Ontario University Athletics West Division. Their next closest competition is Brock University, four points behind at 8-5.

“She is unbelievable,” said head coach Mike Milne of McColl after Wednesday’s game against McMaster. “She is arguably the best player in Ontario. She dominated last weekend.”

McColl has been a leading scorer for the Mustangs all season long, and coupled with her defensive ability and role as a team leader, she was a natural choice as this week’s recipient of the Purple Pipe.

—Ian Denomme

Jock Talk with hoop star Rebecca McColl

When did you start playing basketball?
I guess I started playing competitive basketball when I was in Grade 4. And I’ve also been playing with Alana [Juzenas] and Julie [Lamparski] since Grade 4. I got started because of my big sister; she started playing and I followed.

What does it take to be a varsity basketball player?
It’s a big time commitment and you need to have [good] time management. It takes a lot of dedication because you have to maintain your academics too.

What’s your favourite basketball movie?
I don’t really know, can you name some?
Hoosiers... He Got Game... Air Bud... Eddie.
Actually, I’d have to say Love & Basketball. It’s predictable, but I think if you asked most females, they’d say Love & Basketball. (At this point, teammate Alana Juzenas walks by).
McColl: Hey Alana, what’s your favourite basketball movie?
Juzenas: Hoosiers or Pistol Pete
McColl: Can I change my answer to Hoosiers? I like it because of the motivation it gives you.

Where do you hope to go with basketball? Is it just something to do while you’re in school?
Yeah. I don’t look into the future too much. I just try to have fun. That’s the key. There’s no point in playing something if you’re not having fun.

What’s your opinion of the WNBA?
Would it be bad to say I don’t like it?

Not at all.
OK, I’m not a fan of it. I don’t really watch it. When it first started, I think it was good because it helped the game to grow, but now it’s just really declining.

Since you’re from Hamilton, do you feel any kind of rivalry when you’re playing against McMaster University?
Yeah, of course. I know a lot of the Mac girls and we play pick up together in the summer. It’s fun because it’s a battle on the court, but we’re all smiles off the court.

—Ian Denomme



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