January 27, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 64  

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Snow won’t deter crime

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff

Mother Nature has not been kind to London as of late, covering our cars with snow and forcing us to walk through knee-high trenches. But if you thought this would stop your friendly neighbourhood criminal, you were wrong.

“We’re still getting speeders, despite the weather,” said Elgin Austen, spokesperson for the Campus Community Police Service, noting the weather did not stop some drivers from doing 70 to 75 kilometres per hour in a 40 km/h zone.

Traffic has been a problem for police, Austen said, adding the weather has also caused snow removal issues. “People need to remove their vehicles at night so plowing can be done,” he said.

Early yesterday morning, CCPS encountered an odd crime on campus. A generator was stolen from the London Fire Department and dragged behind a truck on to campus, Austen said, adding the generator became detached from the truck and the whole shebang was abandoned near the Law Building on Lambton Dr.

Shortly after midnight this past Sunday night, police were called to the University Community Centre to deal with an individual who was causing trouble, explained Const. Paul Martin, spokesperson for the London Police Department. The individual, 20-year-old Kirk Mason, was asked to leave a campus bar after causing disturbances. Police attempted to arrest him for trespassing, but he earned himself another charge: resisting arrest.

Last Friday, the LPD was notified by the Toronto Police Service that a London man had been found in Toronto suffering from a gun shot wound. The LPD’s major crimes section is now working with Toronto police on the investigation. It is believed the man was abducted from London.

Also last Friday, a male was arrested at about 10 p.m. and charged with assault and resisting arrest when he wandered onto a skating rink drunk and attempted to fight with hockey players. When officers attempted to escort him off the ice, he doubled his fun by taking a swing at one of them, scoring a charge of assaulting a police officer.



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