January 29, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 66  

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Western’s international (wo)men of mystery

As Canadians, most of us aren’t surprised when we have to walk up University College Hill in a torrent of ice and snow; however, imagine having come to Canada from a country where it never snows. This is just one of the many adjustments that Western’s international student population is faced with on a daily basis.

Foreign student sounds off

Born in Beijing, China, international student Gisele Chen was one of a lucky few in her family able to study abroad.


The Student Development Centre offers a host of programs and services under International Student Services.

Famous & ‘notorious’ international students

Equal parts bizarre, naive and fun-loving, Fes (That 70’s Show) is a foreigner from parts unknown of questionable sexuality. Though his grasp of the English language is tenuous, Fes remains a funny character.

Finding foreign foods

Sammy’s. Pizza. Beer. No matter what your diet of choice includes, food is undeniably an essential part of the student lifestyle. We need it to think, to get through crappy break-ups and just simply to survive.



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