January 29, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 66  

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Famous & ‘notorious’ international students

Equal parts bizarre, naive and fun-loving, Fes (That 70’s Show) is a foreigner from parts unknown of questionable sexuality. Though his grasp of the English language is tenuous, Fes remains a funny character.

As the trademark European vixen in American Pie 1 & 2, Nadia set the bar high for both future European immigrants and American geeks. Her bizarre sexual tastes clearly denote her as German: “I believe the expression is... shaved?”

üter is the portly German exchange student on The Simpsons. His love of chocolate, flavor bars and wearing suspenders help him stand out, and his man-bosoms make him the target of a towel-snapping Homer.

Asian Love God Long Duk Dong makes a brief but memorable appearance in the 1980’s Molly Ringwald classic Sixteen Candles. His hilarious performance stands as one of the favourites of movie fans everywhere.



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