January 29, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 66  

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Zut alors!

Re: “Don’t hate, just demonstrate,” Jan. 22, 2004

To the Editor:
I applaud France for making a secular attempt to abolish religious symbols from being shown in government buildings. Since people can still practice their faiths at home, I believe this legislation does not violate religious freedoms. Instead, it serves to protect the general populace from the effects of civil strife.

A cycle of violence exists in France today wherein members of differing religious communities are destroying each other and the common good. The aim of this bill is not to spread religious animosity but to eliminate the contempt that extreme Christians, Jews and Muslims have against each other. The French state has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its general population. How could it submit itself to the whims of special interest groups who refuse to demonstrate that they can peacefully co-exist? France is not Canada. Doesn’t the French population have a right to live without ethnic strife?

Monsieur Chirac has the correct idea. If children can’t get along, then take away their toys and encourage discussion.

Derek Trepanier
History III
King’s College

Site is silly, not satirical

Re: “Website of the Week,” Jan 21, 2004

To the Editor:
The “UWO Sucks” website claims to be satirical. Does the creator actually know the meaning of satire? I seriously doubt it, because if he did he would understand that simply saying Western is “shitty” and that London is a “shit hole” is nothing close to satire. The site continues to list reasons why the school is bad, all of which re-hash old stereotypes of the school (ones which turn out not to be true). Satire is supposed to be clever, but this website is nowhere close.

Aaron Inglis
Film Studies II

Sexual trust up to both partners

Re: “Men are evil, jerks, asses: women,” Jan. 20, 2004

To the Editor:
Upon reading your article on the birth control pill, both my partner and I were appalled. Initially looking at a study on young Canadian women’s opinions on a potential pill for men, the article quickly went downhill.

The “men suck” tone in the rest of the article offended us. It seemed to focus on the premise that men are forgetful, untrustworthy and irresponsible, using only the anecdotal evidence of a few students to create a “painfully clear” conclusion. These ideas dominated the article despite the fact that an authority on the issue of memory stated that “there is no clinical difference between the memory of men and women.” If this were an article about forgetfulness and irresponsibility regarding birth control, we would have asked the Ms. Gleesons and Ms. Jonsers of the world how often they have forgotten to take the pill or how often they’ve relied on it when taking antibiotics or smoking.

The article also appears to encourage a lack of trust in one’s sexual partner. Sexual relationships are supposed to be based on intimacy; there can be no intimacy without trust. While the point that every female is responsible for herself is valid, in our sexually active society there is no reason as to why both partners shouldn’t be able to be equally trusted.

Charlene Naft
Political Science III
Kevin Atcheson
BA 2003

Bring back the cubicles

To the Editor:
I hate the new Periodical A:B rooms in D.B Weldon Library!

I returned to school this year to find that Periodical A and Periodical B had been changed from several small cubicles to a few large tables. As I walked in my mouth dropped and tears filled my... OK, I’m being dramatic, but now with the cubicles removed it’s going to be “Party-odicals: Western Students Gone Wild.”

What prompted me to write this was an incident that happened to me the other day. I dragged my ass to the library on a Thursday night and found a HUGE table to work at in peace. I sat down, and after about two minutes of reading, I hear something that sounded like a horrible mixture of snoring and sniffling.

I turn around and see this guy (who was not asleep, I should mention) who just didn’t know how to use a damn tissue. All I could hear was “sniff... sniff... .” I was so tempted to give him a Kleenex and tell him to shut it.

Anyway, I’m ranting because situations like this are only going to get worse because you can hear every goshdarn noise in the place now. Bring back my cubicles or at least have a few scattered in the periodical room for variety.

Robyn “Kleenex Queen” Fairbairn
Kinesiology III



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