January 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 67  

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Not lovin’ it: guy eats nothing but McDonald’s

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff

Welcome to news for dummies — or in this case, news about dummies.

A brave but not terribly wise man named Morgan Spurlock created (and was the subject of) a documentary on the effect of McDonald’s food on consumers’ health. He ate three McDonald’s meals a day for 30 days and documented the effects this had on his health.

The result? He put on 25 pounds, was vomiting out the window of his car, his liver became toxic, his cholesterol went form 165 to 230, his libido waned and he was visited by frequent headaches and depression. Impressive, eh? Surprising? No.

Here’s another one that’s not surprising. Prime Minister Paul Martin announced at a news conference on Wednesday that the government’s reference to the Supreme Court of Canada on same sex marriage would be expanded. This means there will be no decision until after the upcoming federal election. That pinging noise you just heard was one contentious election issue falling off the table.

PM P.M. also announced a public inquiry into the Maher Arar issue and guaranteed former cabinet minister Sheila Copps a nomination in a different riding, to spare her from going up against Transport Minister Tony Valeri for the nomination in her long time riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. Yup, folks election time indeed draws near.

In other Canadian news, the federal and some provincial governments indicated that mandatory retirement may soon be no more. Most provinces have done away with mandatory retirement. Only Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland and the federal government still uphold it. Our very own PM P.M. has a special interest in ousting mandatory retirement; after all, he wouldn’t want to be forced into retirement... last year...

Yesterday, United States’ President George W. Bush received a blow to his credibility when former chief weapons inspector David Kay told the U.S. Senate’s Armed-Services Committee that Iraq had no remaining arsenals of germ warfare weapons, no poison gas and no nuclear weapons program. “It turns out we were all wrong,” he said. Kay quit his post last week.

Speaking of Iraq, where is illustrious former dictator Saddam Hussein? Funny that he seems to have disappeared from the news, after such a rash of reports at the time of his capture. Saddam’s face, however, has been in the news — in the Brazilian circus, the most popular item of the day is the full bearded Saddam mask.



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