January 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 67  

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Polishuk picks Patriots to pound Panthers

It’s time to break down the biggest day of the year for sports fans, as the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots are ready to roll in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Super Bowl+women=love?


Guys tend to joke with women around Super Bowl time. They describe our roles during the game as beer runners, food preparers and topless dancers during half-time.

Excitement? You can bet on it

Not everyone can have their favorite team make the Super Bowl.

The Gazette’s guide to a “Super Bowl of Food”

Ask anyone about what separates a good Super Bowl party from a great one, and they’ll tell you: the friends, the drinks and the food. However, friends change and as you age, drinks move from milk to pop to malt liquor to beer. Food, though, is always a constant, leaving you crying for bottles of Tums by the dozen.

Drinks for the big game?
Beer, beer and more beer

In any word association game, “party” is usually followed immediately by the word “beer.” A Super Bowl party is no different.




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