January 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 67  

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Super Bowl+women=love?

Alison Stolz

Sports Editor

Guys tend to joke with women around Super Bowl time. They describe our roles during the game as beer runners, food preparers and topless dancers during half-time.

What most guys don’t realize is that girls enjoy watching a good football game, too. Some females follow the NFL season from start to finish and know what they’re talking about when they say the Patriots are going to win. We may not plan the majority of Super Bowl parties, but we don’t mind attending them — actually we get just as excited to watch the game as guys do.

My first Super Bowl party experience was in 2000 — Tennessee vs. St. Louis. It was also the night before a high school exam that I was not prepared for. My boyfriend at the time begged me to attend the party at his best friend’s house.

“Come on Alison — all the other guys’ girlfriends will be there!” I couldn’t let him down. Besides, drinking a few beers and eating pizza sounded like a better time than reading a law textbook the entire night.

I didn’t quite know what to expect. I showed up at kick-off so I could study a bit before the game and stay out of trouble with my parents. Out of the six guys there, only one of their girlfriends actually showed. I gave my boyfriend a dirty look for pulling me from my studying and using false claims to do so. He smiled and asked me if I wanted a drink.

The guys had been looking forward to this Sunday for a long time and went all-out with their celebrations, including drinks, food and decorations. They purchased over 30 McDonalds’ cheeseburgers, seven pizzas, 12 pounds of chicken wings and numerous cases of beer. This was only for six guys and their imaginary girlfriends. They bought party hats, noise makers and streamers to decorate. There were also footballs being passed around the room.

Soon, I found myself getting into the game and forgetting the stress of an exam the next day. We had a bet for who was going to win. Unfortunately, I lost.

At half-time, we all piled outside and played some snow football — which was an interesting time after the rounds of beers. We went back in for the second half and to finish up the pizzas.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable time. I got quite a few free beers, free food and I watched cute football bums on the TV for three hours. Ahhhh... football is great! Since then, I haven’t missed a Super Bowl and am excited for this year’s game as well. Of course, the day will include food, drinks and friends combined together to equal a great time.

The Super Bowl is one of the most talked about and watched sporting events of the year. Everyone gets pumped for the game itself and making bets for who will win. It’s one of the best parties of the year. Just sitting around with a bunch of friends on a Sunday afternoon with a few drinks and some good food.



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