January 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 67  

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The Gazette’s guide to a “Super Bowl of Food”

By David Lee
Gazette Staff

Gazette File Photo
THAT HIT THE SPOT. Starring as Ben Richards, Arnold Schwarzenegger battles Buzzsaw in 1987’s The Running Man. The dispute stemmed from a disagreement over what was superior: the Big Harv or the Big Mac.

Ask anyone about what separates a good Super Bowl party from a great one, and they’ll tell you: the friends, the drinks and the food. However, friends change and as you age, drinks move from milk to pop to malt liquor to beer. Food, though, is always a constant, leaving you crying for bottles of Tums by the dozen.

Thus, at this year’s Super Bowl, we suggest you form your own “Super Bowl of Food.” Wondering what to include in your dish? We’ve done the research for you.

McDonald’s — It’s a happy coincidence that the Super Bowl falls on Sunday every year. With the creation of the “McDeal” menu in 2003, Sunday has yet another reason to be celebrated: it’s the home of the ever-celebrated Quarter Pounder. Featuring a 1/4 pound of beef — pre-cooked weight, of course — the QP satisfies a hankering for fake beef. For $1.69, you get at least double that much value in heart blockage alone.

Chicken Wings — While many pizza places offer paltry chicken wings, townies know where to find the real stuff. If you’re looking for simply amazing chicken wings with a unique sauce and plenty of meat, try Ring-A-Wing at 451-9464.

Pizza — The clear favourite for a large group is the venerable pizza. However, be prepared to wait longer than a typical 30 to 45 minutes for delivery if placing your order around dinner time. Hot Tip: Wherever you call, call around noon to order your pie. Make sure you let them know what time you need the pizza and if delivery will be required. If all goes well, you’ll get your pizza right at kickoff. Townie Tip: Try Tony’s Pizza (439-6061) on Wharncliffe Rd. for hunger-busting natural ingredient pizza. Scores better than other local options like Pizza Pizza or Flying Tomato.

Subs — For those in residence, you’re probably well familiar with the glory of a nice sandwich. However, Super Bowl time means you should consider the party sub. The famed “big sandwich” or sandwich platters can fill the belly of the most robust (read: fat) party attendee. The Subway at Sarnia and Western Rds. can be reached at 438-2782.

Frozen foods — While fast food can do in a pinch, you’ll do much better to head to a local grocery store and buy heap upon heap of frozen delicacies. Mozzarella sticks are a good starter and you will impress friends with your sheer decadence. Shrimp rings, with plenty of seafood sauce, will also do.



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