January 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 67  

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Drinks for the big game?
Beer, beer and more beer

By Ian Denomme
Gazette Staff

In any word association game, “party” is usually followed immediately by the word “beer.” A Super Bowl party is no different.

The Super Bowl is an event that should exclusively feature beer. Exceptions can be made for the likes of whisky or rye, but nothing else. The big game is not the time to start sipping on strawberry daiquiris or a cosmopolitan — save those for the Oscars or Survivor parties.

If you’re generous enough to be providing the beer, selection is important. There are party packs that contain up to four different types. A keg in your living room is another, simpler, option. The cheapest beer is often the best, especially if you’re buying for a lot of people.

It is your duty not to complain about the beer selection. If your host is being gracious enough to provide the drinks, count it as an automatic win. If you’re still not satisfied, next time bring your own beer. Very few hosts will be paying for others to drink on their tab, so always be prepared to BYOB.

For the non-drinkers in the group, instead of throwing them out of your party for being uptight squares, provide them with a choice of pop and juice. Even though OJ doesn’t go as well with wings or pizza, it does send a shout-out to one of football’s greats, acquitted murderer O.J. Simpson.

While the Super Bowl is often used by many as an excuse to drink, safety should remain a top priority. Be prepared to have overnight guests. Have cash for taxis and designated drivers. Nobody likes to have to clean puke off their couch, and no one likes the person who did puked.

While many non-football fans will be using the event as an excuse to drink, make sure to pay some attention to the game. Without the game itself it would just be the crappy half-time show, featuring crappy performers (see: Michael Jackson, N’Sync) and companies paying millions of dollars for 30-second commercials.

Through 37 years of the Super Bowl, the average margin of victory is 16 points. It should be a better game this year, and since the Super Bowl only comes once a year, enjoy it.



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