january 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 54  

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Kurt Nilsen winning World Idol: Although Canada’s own Ryan Malcolm failed to shine, we were happy to see a Norwegian underdog bypass the American and British favourites. Despite the fact he was characterized by his hobbit-like stature, Nilsen managed to wow the world with his rendition of U2’s “Beautiful Day.” Not too bad for an ex-plumber.

Average Joe 2: There’s a new batch of below average Joes around and they’re ready to entice another former Miss USA contestant. During Monday night’s season premiere, the apparently lovely Larissa initially reacted with shock to her potential suitors. She went so far as to ask the producers if they tried to make the available men appear even less attractive than they actually were. Sigh. It’s nice to see that quality television is back.

Christmas presents: The new year begins with many ways to procrastinate, thanks to an abundance of newly acquired entertainment-related Christmas gifts. Maybe you received DVDs of Sex and the City, Friends, 24, or just a stack of great music. Whatever it is, it’s sure to preoccupy you and your roommates with hours and hours of vegging.


Back to school: You can’t get much more skanky than having to leave the relaxing comfort of your home to get back to the Western grind. As always, the break seemed entirely too short and the semester ahead is looking much, much too long.

Simon Cowell: Okay, does anyone else think Simon Cowell has totally lost whatever charm he once had? At first, his thoughtless berating of hapless Idol candidates was funny and entertaining; however, on World Idol, he took things to a new low by intentionally insulting Canada and ripping into rocker contestant Peter Evrard for “conforming” by singing Nirvana’s “Lithium” on the WI stage. Yeah, it didn’t make sense at the time and it still doesn’t. Way to go, Simon.

The bitter cold: No, this is not just another reference to Cowell; we’re talking here about the harsh, brutal wave of intense cold that has assaulted us at precisely the same time as we’re being forced back into the routine of walking across campus on a daily basis. Mother Nature has certainly been an unpredictable bitch this year, but this cold snap is the last straw. Give us a break already!



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