january 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 54  

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5 Plays To Watch Out For

As a rule, theatre is better watched than read. Therefore, do yourself a favour and catch a production of one of these classics.

Arthur Miller,
Death of a Salesman
Willie Loman is a deluded elderly man determined to keep working as a travelling salesman, even though everyone around him agrees his days in the working world are numbered.

Oscar Wilde,
The Importance of Being Earnest
Wilde’s razor-sharp, absolutely hilarious dialogue is what keeps this romantic comedy above average.

William Shakespeare,
What can be said about the Danish Prince that hasn’t already been said? The Gazette’s editorial board voted this ‘the most essential Shakespeare play,’ so take that for whatever it’s worth.

Tenessee Williams,
The Glass Menagerie
A heartbreaking love story featuring one of the most beautiful metaphors in dramatic history.

Samuel Beckett,
Waiting for Godot
This is the quintessential post-modernist play. Two guys wait in vain for something that may never happen and ponder the meaning of their existence. Kind of like university, but funnier.



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