january 8, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 54  

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Graduate school, a career or Cain?

On the DL
David Lee

Sports Editor

“You are weak and worthless. What are you going to do with your life?”

While Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was a minimal influence on my youth, his impact continues to be felt well past my adolescence. As I pass the midway point of my final year of undergraduate study, Snider’s words ring especially true: I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.

It’s something I’ve tried not to worry about too much, but as R. Kelly might say, that choice is all up in my grill. Time is winding down, and it’s getting harder and harder to sidestep the issue when people ask me what my plans are for next year. Over the past few months, the grey hairs have multiplied and my Col. Sanders-esque coiffe-to-be has lit a fire underneath me. I need to find out what I want to do and I need to find out fast.
As Samuel L. Jackson said in Pulp Fiction, it’s always been an attractive option to walk the earth and have adventures, like Cain from Kung Fu. In reality, I wouldn’t have the funds (or the physique) to be a competent Kung Fu man. The only way I could even make a decent vigilante was if I only fought invalids and the blind, and even then, Daredevil would whip me.

There’s always the chance of continuing my studies, but even with graduate work, it feels like I should have some direction. I don’t find it advisable to put two more years of work towards a field I only have a passing interest in.

In all honesty, I guess I thought all of the big questions would have been answered by now. High school guidance counsellors told me that choosing a good university would be one of my life’s most important decisions. I also thought it would be one of my last. Oddly enough, ideas of what I want do for the rest of my life have multiplied. Instead of closing doors and choosing a path, I’ve done the exact opposite.

With all those questions, I’m almost 100 per cent sure I’m going to take next year to think things through. There’s no shame in taking a year off, I realize.

For those of you not graduating this year, you probably have little idea what I’m talking about, but you soon will. No matter how it all turns out, no matter which road I end up travelling and no matter what type of career I end up in, I hope to answer Mr. Snider’s query as the boy in the music video did. No matter what I do in life, “I Wanna Rock.”



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