January 9 , 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 55  

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Star Trak

Beyoncé and Jay-Z may be the new King and Queen of mainstream hip hop, but they can’t win the title officially because they are officially “just friends.” Slinky R&B songstress Kelis and her fiancé Nas, however, are completely unabashed about their union. On the sexy, laid-back groove “In Public,” the couple consummate their love in an elevator, in a park, in — well, you get the picture.

They say sex sells and it seems Kelis certainly got the memo, because most of the tracks on Tasty, starting with the teasing moans on the intro, mention it in one way or another.

Her vocals aren’t too impressive but, unlike other radio princesses who sing about sex like they don’t really plan on having any and just enjoy teasing you about it, Kelis is actually pretty damn convincing.

She produced the disc, along with the current Willy Wonka of pop music, Pharrell Williams, meaning the Neptunes’ trademark sounds, including clanging cowbells and heavy-yet-melodic electric guitars, drip from nearly every track.

—Maggie Wrobel



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