January 9 , 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 55  

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Entertainment briefs: Blondie, B2K & more

It’s facelift time for Lee’s Palace

Veterans of the Toronto concert scene are surely familiar with Lee’s Palace, the grungy little hole-in-the-wall located right in the heart of downtown T-dot (on Bloor St.). What the venue lacks in style, it has made up for by hosting some of the coolest concerts to come through the city. Now, we can add style to the mix, as Lee’s Palace is currently in the process of being revamped. The renovations, which are scheduled for completion by Jan. 16, will include a bigger stage, new flooring, a full-service seating area and additional dressing rooms for artists. Rock on!

B2K splitting up? Say it ain’t so!

Oh yes, it’s true: the R&B boyband-esque foursome are soon to become nothing more than a faint memory in the minds of their legions of tweenie fans, much like MC Hammer’s parachute pants or the entire cast of Saved By the Bell. After an extremely short, yet prosperous career in the music industry, B2K now faces the departure of lead singer Omarion, who has opted to go solo. The remaining three members (J-Boog, Raz and Lil’ Fizz) intend to stay together, but that has about as much chance of succeeding as Destiny’s Child, post-Beyoncé. Ah well, at least they have the memories, right?

Welcome back, Blondie!

Who’s to say relics of the ’80s have to remain firmly planted in the recesses of Gen X’s memory, never to see the light of day again? Certainly not Blondie! In fact, the early ’80s pop sensations are back in full force and ready to rejoin the world of superstardom with a brand new album (and a more... err, “mature” look). Yes, the fiesty blonde cougar and her crew of rockers are currently working on their second comeback album, The Curse of Blondie (a follow-up to their 1999 reunion album, No Exit). Only time will tell if Blondie is to become the next U2, but for now, all we can say is: hahahahaha. Ha. Ha.

Bobby Hatfield’s death not so righteous, after all

Lets back up a step and recall an incident in November, when Bobby Hatfield (longtime vocalist of the Righteous Brothers) passed away, apparently because of a heart attack. Well, new evidence is now suggesting Hatfield’s heart isn’t the only thing that failed him — so did his ability to say “no” to drugs. According to the most recent information from the coroner’s desk, Hatfield’s death resulted from the rocker’s penchant for that good, good white stuff — and we ain’t talkin’ ’bout snow. Apparently, traces of cocaine were found in Hatfield’s system back in December, but the discovery was withheld from the press until the Christmas season was over so Hatfield’s family could enjoy a scandal-free holiday.

—Megan O’Toole



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