January 9 , 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 55  

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The wacky world of sports

With respect for professional athletes at an all-time low, and in light of this year’s lacklustre year in sports (uh... Go Marlins!... what?), The Gazette looks into its crystal ball to prognosticate the year ahead:

No need to declare with this degree

Ad Nauseam

A university diploma is complete bullshit — at least in its current form.

Labelling the media: CBC is evil

From the Far Lane

It’s interesting to see the perspectives different people have on the media, but Canada’s news outlets seem to be relatively easy to define.

There must be a Santa, Santa Claus


“I’m sorry to tell you this Jordie, but Santa Claus isn’t actually real.”

Confessions from an Amazon

Give it to her straight

“Hey, do you play basketball?”




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