January 9 , 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 55  

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Labelling the media: CBC is evil

From the Far Lane
Emmett Macfarlane


It’s interesting to see the perspectives different people have on the media, but Canada’s news outlets seem to be relatively easy to define.

In the United States, a lot of people refer to the media as liberal or left wing. Naturally, left-wing media critics view the U.S. media as corporate- controlled or right wing.

While in the U.S. there is FOX news and then everybody else, north of the border it almost seems like everything fits into its own slot (a bit simplistic, but true).

First, there’s CanWest, which owns Global TV and the National Post. Sympathetic to America and Israel, and thus generally viewed as right wing, (the Post’s columnists include Ann Coulter and others of her ilk), the Asper-owned media empire has an ideology nearly as transparent as Rush Limbaugh’s.

Then there’s Bell Globemedia, which owns the CTV network and The Globe and Mail, and is typically viewed as middle-of-the-road, politically speaking. Unfortunately, The Globe features columnists like Jeffrey Simpson — people who talk about everything without saying anything.
Finally, there are media outlets like the Toronto Star, which is so far to the left it should be printed in pink.

Most disturbing however, is the CBC. Government subsidized and often full of crap, the CBC news is nearly as slanted as a certain famous piece of Italian architecture.

The CBC features news anchors afraid to use correct terminology, for example they say militant instead of terrorist. Peter Mansbridge was practically weeping in joy during Paul Martin’s coronation, but has led panel discussions (featuring Star reporters) on different ways the new Conservative Party is evil.

This is the same CBC that keeps Don Cherry on and then censors him when he says something “inappropriate,” as if the executives don’t know by now the guy has a big mouth.

When Cherry spouted off on the Iraq war last year, the CBC was quick to give him a slap on the wrist. In an American radio interview, Cherry referred to the network as “government owned,” a statement CBC execs quickly rebuked.

But if it weren’t for public money the CBC wouldn’t survive, so Cherry wasn’t far off the mark. If CBC execs don’t want to be referred to as government owned, maybe the CBC should stop taking government money.



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