January 9 , 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 55  

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We heart Addie

To the Editor:
We love Addie the Cabbie!
He sings well and rrrrrrolls his R’s.

Jessica Aiken and Karly Steinhoff
Biology II

French say ‘au revoir’ to hijabs

To the Editor:
There is a law emerging in France that will affect all of French society. As of Dec. 2003, the French government has supported the banning of the hijab, the head scarf worn by Muslim women, in all public school systems. Not only are Muslims suffering from this oppressive act, but the Christian cross and the Jewish yarmulke are also to be banned.

The hijab is an essential part of Muslim faith and is an honour bestowed on Muslim women from God as a mark of dignity. It gives them the integrity and strength to represent their faith and identity wherever they are, liberating them of all the superficial beauty standards the media bombards society with. The hijab makes it known that women should be dealt with according to their character and intellect as opposed to their physical appearance, thus serving as a mechanism for female empowerment. Thereby, this law will infringe on both female empowerment and the universal human rights of freedom of religion and expression.

The hijab is not a mere symbol as the French government claims, and even if it was, does that imply that churches, synagogues and mosques should be demolished because they are “symbols” of religion? Does this head scarf pose a threat to national security? Is it a “weapon of mass destruction?”

Since this law will result in a large number of Muslim women leaving the public education system, how does France expect to build an educated, intellectual society that will strive to build its civilization? Why has human dignity and honour become the least important of matters in our modern world?

Raghad Ebied
Honours Psychology/French II

On notice

To the Editor:
In the publication notice you ran in the Dec. 3 edition of The Gazette, you wrote of Jesus Christ, “may he bless us and smite the infidel bastards.” Regretfully, Christians have misconstrued Jesus’ message at times in history (i.e. the Crusades) to a much greater extent than you did in this notice, and your comments were warranted insofar as they were a mockery of these.

Attributing these abuses to Jesus himself, though, was unwarranted. I imagine more than just a few members of Western’s large Christian community were offended by these affronts to the central figure of their faith and life, ourselves included. This is a friendly reminder that Jesus’ birth really was heralded by the Christmas pageant cliché, “PEACE on earth.”

Phil Shadd
Social Science II
Jenn McMullan
Science II



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