June 10, 2004  
Volume 98, Issue 04  

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Set summer goals to avoid crime sprees

By Dallas Curow
Gazette Staff

Now that the summer sun graces the manicured greens of Western and the majority of the student population has retreated away from any reminder of academia, Campus Life is now closer to Campus Lack Thereof.

With that in mind, those of you who are toughing it out in London can take this opportunity to reap the benefits of the open space. The combination of abundant free time and restlessness can lead to:

A) crime sprees, or B) more productive, positive action. Summer lends itself to reflection.

Even with a 9-5 job or an intersession course, there is still ample time to reflect on what you are doing and what you would like to do... eventually. So don’t let the summer get you down. Here are some goal setting areas to explore:

1. Academic Goals: Make the Dean’s List, don’t get kicked out of your program and/or custom-make a schedule that contains no exams or term papers (it is possible).

2. Extracurricular Goals: Plan to hit up clubs week or join an intramural sports team in the fall. Even better, start your own club. For those interested, a llama appreciation society is still MIA.

3. Fun/Adventure Goals: Pull on the khakis and Tilley hat and trek out to African Lion Safari, Storybook Gardens or for the truly daring, Fanshawe College.

4. Relationship Goals: Keep in touch with your friends from school, call your grandma, make your significant other a hand-crafted card, just ‘cause!

5. Personal Hygiene Goals: Shower, finally get that thing on your back checked out, try a new summer fragrance, kick your tanning salon habit.

6. Miscellaneous goals: Beat your dad’s beer drinking record set at your Aunt Sarah’s wedding or learn new languages so you can order food without tripping over the pronunciation.



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