March 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 80  

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Norah Jones
Feels Like Home
Blue Note

Norah Jones’ first album, Come Away With Me, was perfection when it came to relaxing music. Her second album, sadly, does not live up to the standard set by the first.

Come Away was above average, but Feels Like Home doesn’t stand out at all. Lyrically, half the songs sound like different versions of songs from the first album. A line like “Meet me outside above ground” reminds the listener of “Come away with me… ”

In some of the songs on the album, Jones’ voice has a twang reminiscent of a country-western song. Those who like country music might like this new twist, but others will miss her silky smooth vocals.

On one of the most perky tracks, “Creepin’ In,” Dolly Parton is a guest singer. True Norah fans will be shaking their heads disapprovingly. This shift from jazz to country/folk seems to detract from the simple radiance of Jones’s voice.

All in all, this album will provide easy-listening stations with some quality, yet boring, songs to overplay for years to come. But it is Jones’ first record that is still worth listening to.

—Laura Katsirdakis



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