March 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 80  

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Oscars for Coppola and Arcand: Following triumphant wins at the Independent Spirit Awards, young and talented Sofia Coppola picked up a Best Original Screenplay award for Lost In Translation, while French Canadian Denys Arcand won a Best Foreign Film gold man for his lauded film The Barbarian Invasions.

Avril’s return to the mall: The shopping mall — a fine venue for teenage acts to get their careers going before they begin strutting their young flesh on an arena stage for thousands. But Lavigne’s ego isn’t stopping her from returning to malls for a free upcoming promotional tour for her next record. The Napanee, Ont. native is all the more swanky for returning to the land of Tiffany to play some acoustic versions of new songs.

Forever Eden: Though the first episode just recently aired, the hype for this new reality show is goin’ strong. And with good reason, as Forever sounds like it’s going to be the new Paradise Hotel. Lets hear it for pretty white kids with problems!


Larissa: Well, we all knew Larissa was skanky in the beginning of Average Joe 2: Hawaii, but her decision on Monday night put the icing on the cake. She selected the typical blonde-haired, tanned hunk-of-a-man, sending the love-bitten average guy home. But, revenge was sweet when he dumped her for having dated Fabio.

Those Hobbits et al: Yes, the film was pretty fancy. But last Sunday’s Oscar sweep, where the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy went 11 for 11, was just downright boring. Thankfully it’s the last one, going into “classic” cinema history, and relieving us from seeing Hobbits for a long time — until some genius decides to make a movie adaptation of The Hobbit.

William Hung’s newfound fame: Sure, Willy provided us with a few laughs when he made Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” his own. But this poor little engineering student from Hong Kong has grown deluded; he seems to actually believe people are inspired by the sound of his voice, while American Idol milks profits from incessantly insulting Hung.



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