March 4, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 80  

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The AFR act ensures that high and equal standards are maintained in the province on Ontario with regards to animal research. The following points are excerpts taken directly from the AFR, which was first introduced in 1990 and has been amended and updated since.

• In this Act, “animal” means a live, non-human vertebrate, “Director” means the person designated by the Minister as the Director for the purposes of this Act.

• No research facility shall be registered unless there are therein or adjacent thereto and in connection therewith all pens, cages, compounds, tools, implements, buildings and dietary materials necessary to properly care for and handle animals that are in the research facility

• The Director... may provisionally refuse to renew or suspend the operator’s license or registration where in the Director’s opinion it is necessary to do so for the immediate protection of the safety or health of, or the prevention of cruelty to or maltreatment or neglect of any animal.

• Every animal used in a registered research facility in any experiment that is likely to result in pain to the animal shall be anaesthetized so as to prevent the animal from suffering unnecessary pain.

• The operator of a research facility shall provide analgesics adequate to prevent an animal from suffering unnecessary pain during the period of its recovery from any procedure used in an experiment.

• The operator of a research facility shall... file... with the animal care committee a research project proposal setting forth the nature of all procedures to be used in connection with such animals, the number and type of animals to be used and the anticipated pain level that any such animal is likely to experience.

—Kelly Marcella,
with files from



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