March 5, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 81  

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Hook a brother up

To the Editor:
Currently I am sitting in one of my “exciting” classes, and the professor keeps referring to lecture notes found on the web. Normally, I would have printed them off before I came to class, but the genius decided that posting them 30 minutes before class was adequate.

Professors who actually take sufficient time to prepare a lecture are hard to come by, so I addressed this dilemma by spending a whack load of my beer money on a wireless laptop. Now I find that the bonehead “Network Support Staff” have neglected to supply the Social Science Centre with wireless net.

I am in this building for six straight hours (only two days a week), and it is home to probably the biggest student body on campus. Why isn’t there wireless Internet here? Buildings such as Talbot College have reception, while newer buildings, such as the addition to the Engineering Building, do not! How did the music and arts students get wireless priority over the administrative and commercial studies students in the SSC?

This is not to say they should take away wireless privileges from those lucky bastards whose flutes have a better chance of surfing the web than my bitchin’ new laptop.

Just to top it all off, I had to get off my ass and walk this letter to The Gazette office. I SHOULD have been able to just e-mail it… oh wait, I can’t get a signal.

Braden St. John

Book break

To the Editor:
As students, we are getting ripped off. We stand by and watch as our tuition increases year by year.

As a student I have to “accept” the fact that tuition will increase every year until I graduate, but what I can’t understand is why certain privileges like selling our books at the Used Bookstore seems to cost me a lot of money. I buy my books with gold and sell them for crap.

Since we don’t get a lot of money back for our books, the Used Bookstore should lower the percentage of commission they take on selling them. A student’s life is not a luxurious one, so a little extra cash will not do them any harm come bill time.

Mohamad El–Makdah
Biology II



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